Idealo UK Cashback + Fraffle Tickets

What do I need to do?

Click on the 'Get £0.055 cashback' button to visit Idealo UK.1

Complete a purchase like you usually would at Idealo UK.2

Once you've completed your purchase, we'll track your cashback and add it to your account along with your FREE Fraffle Tickets.3

Get £0.055 cashback

Plus earn ticket tickets

About Idealo UK

Idealo is a price comparison website that allows users in the UK to compare prices for a wide range of products, including electronics, fashion, and home appliances. Users can search for products by category or brand, and the site provides a list of retailers selling the product and their current prices. The site also offers user reviews and ratings for products and sellers. Idealo uses an algorithm to calculate an "ideal" price for each product, which is based on historical pricing data and market trends. Overall, Idealo aims to help users find the best deals and save money when shopping online.

What do I get?

Fraffle Tickets
Online Purchase£0.055 CashbackPLUS 0.055 tickets

Useful info

Please take a moment to review the following terms and conditions.

This summary provides important information regarding the eligibility and requirements for users to earn and redeem Fraffle Tickets and Cashback through our platform.

1. Eligibility for Fraffle Tickets and Cashback

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