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Siphoning Gas & Garden Hoses

Written by Dale Richardson - Updated: June 23, 2023

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First things first, we're going to be talking about how to siphon gas (or other liquid) in this article. I want to clarify that we do not condone the theft of gas from others, and that if you do that, you're among the worst human refuse on the planet. When gas costs nearly £7(!!!) , it can be a major deal to find that your previously-filled tank is now empty. So can you siphon gas with a garden hose? We're about to find out!

So what's on the docket today?

Today's Topics Include:

  • Can you siphon gas with a garden hose?
  • How do you get gas out of a car with a hose?

Now, you little hobgoblins, let's get siphoning - legally . (Please?)

How to Siphon Gas With a Hose

Let's start with the simple stuff - you know, a detailed explanation of the physics behind how siphoning works, a thorough breakdown of the finer points of atmospheric pressure affecting the siphoning process, and... No, I'm kidding. Let's start with whether you can siphon gas with a hose.

Can You Siphon Gas With a Garden Hose?


Yes! Not only can youabsolutely siphon gas with a garden hose, but it's useful for a number of totally legitimate applications.

What are some common (legal) uses for siphoning gas? I'm so glad you asked:

  • Winterize your vehicle:
    • When winter rolls about, if you’ll be leaving your car on the byline, it’s good practise to remove gas from the tank. The longer gas sits, the worse it performs, eventually becoming entirely useless.
    • If you want to drive your car during the winter, though, try to keep it at least half full to ensure the gas stops condensation and freezing inside your fuel lines.
  • Refill something other than a car that needs gas:
    • If (like me), you’re lazy, you’ve likely considered siphoning gas from the family truck to prevent a trip to the gas station just so you can mow the lawn. Knowing how to siphon gas makes this much easier.
  • Out of gas and stuck!
    • If you run out of gas away from help, it’s helpful to know how to get gas out of a hard-to-reach space. While I won’t say to steal gas from another passerby, it can be helpful when trying to get the last remnants of gasoline out of the Jerrycan.

Now - how the hell do you actually do the siphoning?

How Do You Get Gas Out of a Car With a Hose?


First things first, you'll need a few things:

  1. Garden hose - length doesn't matter, but shorter is definitely better here (just trust me).
  1. Cutting up an old hose that sprung a leak can be a great way to get a short length of hose. Just keep the ~1-2 metres of usable hose and discard the rest.
  2. Container (Jerrycan)
  3. Rag
  4. Zip ties/tape (optional)

Now - let's get into the how-to.

The Process


Check out this handy little video guide if you're a visual learner like me.


All in all, siphoning gas from a car (or anything else) with a garden hose is actually quite simple. It takes a small length of hose of tubing, a mouth, and a container. If you want to get fancy, you can use zip ties or tape to make your life easier, but at the end of the day, it's as simple as suck and watch. (Never thought I'd type that phrase out, but here we are.)

Now sit back, make yourself a drink, and get that gas taste out of your mouth. You deserve it.

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