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Electric showers are both a growing phenomenon and a seeming modern mystery. There are countless (entirely reasonable) questions floating around in relation to them. Are electric showers safe? Are ele..
May 8, 2022
The shower tray in your bathroom is perhaps one of the most oft-overlooked accessories in a bathroom. They catch all of the water from your shower and prevent it from making a mess or causing water da..
December 18, 2021
We've been talking about showers a lot recently. In fact, I just published a few articles yesterday talking about how to remove a shower tray and shower screen ! If you're here off of those, I've go..
December 16, 2021
Every homeowner comes to the point where they realize the bits and bobs lying about their home are due for replacement. You put off this realisation as long as possible, but it's eventually time to re..
December 15, 2021
At some point in your life, you're likely to have the accident in a shower we all fear - falling a breaking the shower screen. It's not fun, it's embarrassing, and can be dangerous - but it's luckily ..
December 15, 2021
As a general rule of thumb, moisture under your floor is, you know, a bad thing. It's a sign that something, somewhere went very, very wrong. And it's also a sign that you're likely going to have some..
November 25, 2021
We recently covered what the most common causes of water under your floorboards are. If, rather, you have damp floorboards, there's another host of issues to address. The worst part is that you do n..
November 25, 2021
This one's gonna be short and sweet, folks. It's a super common problem with a surprisingly easy fix. Shoot, I should've gone with Top Tricks Your Plumer Will Hate!! for the title... probably would'v..
November 25, 2021
One of the most annoying things a homeowner can experience is the water not coming out of your tap. It's a very quick way to ruin your day, or at the very least, inconvenience you. Taps have a lot of ..
November 25, 2021
Today we're going to talk about copper pipe in concrete, specifically the piping for your radiators and home heating system. If you recently moved into a home and have noticed an abundance of your hom..
November 20, 2021