Kitchen articles

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When it comes to keeping your kitchen well-ventilated and free from unpleasant odours, cooker hoods take the crown. Here's why:..
September 11, 2019
Now, you might be wondering, "Dale, why should I invest in a high-quality spice grinder when I can use alternatives like pre-ground spices or a mortar and pestle?" Ah, my friend, allow me to enlighten..
September 10, 2019
Now, you might be wondering, "Dale, what's the big deal about these popcorn makers? Can't I just use any old contraption to make my popcorn?" Ah, my friend, let me enlighten you! Popcorn makers offer ..
September 4, 2019
Picture this: succulent cuts of meat infused with a tantalizing blend of smoky goodness, each bite delivering an explosion of flavour. That's the magic of BBQ smokers, my friends. Unlike other grillin..
August 6, 2019
Salt and pepper grinders, the quintessential kitchen companions. But what's the advantage of having these instead of pre-ground salt and pepper or those disposable shakers? Let's spice up this convers..
May 8, 2019
Kitchen bins! They might not be the most glamorous topic, but you wouldn't want to be without one, would you? But why choose a dedicated kitchen bin over, say, just a regular dustbin or a plastic bag ..
August 17, 2018
So, why are thermos flasks such a hit, you ask? Well, let me tell ya, they're more than just a shiny cylinder to hold your drinks. Thermos flasks are a remarkable combination of science and convenienc..
August 17, 2018
When it comes to keeping your perishable items cool, cool boxes truly reign supreme. Here's why they outshine their alternatives:..
August 17, 2018
Now, why would you want a kettle for hard water, you might ask? Well, let me break it down for you. Hard water is loaded with minerals, like calcium and magnesium. Sounds healthy, right? Well, not so ..
August 17, 2018
Why choose a dedicated yoghurt maker over just making yoghurt in your oven or slow cooker? Let's delve into it, shall we?..
June 9, 2018