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Carpet cleaners are a lifesaver, but there’s one question that consistently pops up when I talk about them – can you use just any carpet cleaner in your machine? Regardless of the brand, this is a con..
May 8, 2022
Believe it or not, a carpet cleaner can be used formuchmore than just cleaning carpets. It’s a super handy little formula that removes stains, scents, and just brings out the best in fabric. Today, we..
May 8, 2022
Mattresses are my favourite thing on this planet, right behind sleep. Do you see a connection there? Regardless of my obsession with sleep, there's one thing that really gets in the way of a good nigh..
October 22, 2021
If you've been a reader of Fraffles for a while, you know we love our baking soda. It works for baking, yes, but it's also an incredible DIY cleaner for countless things. You may have seen our guide o..
October 20, 2021
Candles are awesome for a number of reasons. They smell wonderful, they look great when you're trying to get romantic , and their jars are useful for a lot of different applications! Their one downsi..
October 20, 2021
Hair dye is awesome when it's in your hair - you feel powerful, expressive, and like yourself. But when it's in your carpet? You feel powerless and downright frustrated. Not only did you spill (likel..
October 20, 2021
If you have a fireplace in your home, you know the struggle we're about to discuss. Soot is a natural byproduct of burning wood, meaning you're bound to encounter it at some point or another. If you h..
October 7, 2021
We've all been there. Things get out of hand, and you end up with a stained couch. Maybe it's wine, coffee... wait - you're saying it's blood ? Okay, well, assumptions aside, Fraffles has your back. ..
October 7, 2021
If you're curious as to how to get a fly out of a room, you've come to the right place. I'm sure you've tried the age-old method of chasing it wildly, cat in hands, in the hopes that your fluffy frien..
September 4, 2021
Memory foam mattresses are an absolute godsend for people with back problems. Unfortunately, during the initial couple of weeks that you have one, they tend to make a particular smell...
August 17, 2021