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How Much Coffee Does a Bean to Cup Coffee Machine Use?

Written by Dale Richardson - Updated: June 23, 2023

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In order to make the perfect coffee, you need to have all the necessary knowledge and tools.

In the current era, people come up with all sorts of ways to have their coffee made with the same original taste and flavour like the one done by experts in the coffee shops and restaurants.

Both the method and coffee machine you choose to make coffee play a significant role in the quality of the coffee that you end up with. You can find your coffee machine here best-bean-to-cup-coffee-machine-reviews

With the right knowledge on coffee, you are able to have your preferred coffee. If you have gone through all the processes required to have the best coffee, you will realize that it is not an easy process.

Correct setting of the coffee machine and patience yield wonderful results. Now, let’s find out exactly how much coffee goes into a bean to cup coffee machine to bring out some good coffee.

​Roasting the Coffee Beans

​Ever wondered where the taste of the coffee comes from? Well, the answer is in the roasting. Roasting coffee changes the chemical and physical properties of green coffee beans. This is where all the aroma and flavour come from. The length of the roasting time determines the overall taste of the coffee. To achieve the best results in coffee bean roasting, you are required to have them roasted in small batches. Poor results are experienced when too many coffee beans are placed in the machine since there will be minimum space for all of them to be properly roasted.


Fresher beans are normally recommended when you are using a bean to cup coffee maker. They produce the best results that one can ever get from a coffee machine. The bean to cup coffee maker, which can be best referred to as an All-in-one coffee machine, turns raw beans into a freshly brewed cup. The coffee making process shouldn’t be hard as people look at it and that’s why many manufacturers are flocking the market with these all-in-one devices to simplify the work.

A device that makes coffee entirely from the start (roasting, grilling and brewing) guarantees better tasting coffee. The grinding of the coffee bean has a huge effect on the quality of the espresso you get. Different beans don’t react the same upon grinding. In that case, you may need to experiment a lot to discern how much grinding is required on the different beans. If the roast is darker, the grind should be coarser.


​Water Volume

​Most of the bean to cup coffee machines come with a water volume setting. Water in the coffee is used to change the strength of the coffee. The smaller the amount of water used, the stronger the drink and vice versa. Too much water will remove the flavour, aroma, caffeine and tannic acid which causes bitterness in the drink. Using a coarser grind can greatly improve the taste of the coffee.

​Quantity of the Coffee


Most bean to cup coffee machines are digital in a way that you get to adjust how much coffee gets ground per cup. 7 grams is the standard measure of coffee to be used in making a single cup of coffee. The strength of coffee ranges from 7 grams to 16 grams. However, some may have this to be ‘low’ depending on different tastes. The digital coffee machine comes in handy in such situations because you are not limited to only 7 grams. You are free to adjust the amount of coffee you need. The most common amount used is 7-10g of ground coffee. Stronger coffee requires more grounds while for weaker coffee, just add hot water to the already brewed coffee. Using a lesser amount of coffee will alter the taste of the coffee and make it bitter.


​The bean-to-cup coffee machines available in the market are made to simplify the whole process of preparing coffee. Manufacturers have designed ways to measure the correct amount of coffee needed to grind before it enters the brewing process. Normally, you would have to manually measure the amount of coffee grinds needed for a cup of coffee but with a bean to cup coffee machine, the whole process is done by adjusting the settings on the unit. Roasting, grinding and addition of water all aid in getting the desired coffee you can ever get. When you carefully follow the steps, you can easily achieve it.

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