Garden articles

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Many people think that to have a garden you have to buy fancy seeds from a garden centre. However, you can grow a lot of your own food by simply going to the grocery store. Let's look at how to grow s..
May 2, 2021
Nothing beats fresh, good quality corn on the cob at a summer barbecue. And there is nothing better that picking this corn right out of your own backyard. Even with a small plot, you can grow enough c..
May 2, 2021
What's better than a houseplant? An edible houseplant! This article on how to grow spinach indoors will look at growing potted spinach inside so you can have fresh greens all year round...
April 30, 2021
Spinach is a cool season plant that should have a space in every garden. This vegetable is easy to cultivate from seed and produces a harvest even Popeye would be proud of...
April 29, 2021
Image by Marco Verch Professional Photographer ..
April 29, 2021
A small plant pot can produce a prodigious amount of spinach. Growing in a pot gives you the option of having fresh spinach all year round, even in the depths of winter. With proper care, one plant po..
April 29, 2021
When most people think of container gardening, corn is not the first thing that jumps to mind. However, corn can be grown very successfully in a pot, but there are a few special things to consider...
April 28, 2021
Corn as a houseplant? With a bit of work and dedication you an have a beautiful and edible plant that adds life and colour to any room...
April 28, 2021
Growing feed for your flock of chickens is easier than you might think. Even if you only have a small garden plot, growing a small batch of corn will make you more self-sufficient and your chickens he..
April 27, 2021
Is a kernel of corn a corn seed? Are there different kinds of corn kernels? What will happen if I put a kernel of popcorn into the ground? We will answer all these questions and more as we discuss how..
April 26, 2021