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Shower pumps are super common in homes, allowing the shower to get proper water flow. As they're very common, that means that it's also common for them to fail - don't worry, it's not a huge issue mor..
December 16, 2021
Electric showers are perhaps the 21st century's most convenient invention yet. They allow us to take cold water and convert it to a steamy shower in mere seconds... until they stop working. Like all t..
December 15, 2021
If you've ever taken a low-pressure shower, you know how unsatisfying it can be. It's difficult to feel truly clean when you're struggling to simply rinse off. If your Mira shower has low pressure, w..
December 14, 2021
And we're back with another edition of Why Isn't My Stuff Working? Today's talk is going to consist of why exactly your Mira shower is dripping - don't worry, it's likely not anything too serious. Th..
December 14, 2021
We all love our microwaves, but it's important to know how they work. There seems to be an idea going around that a hole in the microwave is hazardous to your health. While there is some truth to thi..
November 26, 2021
Today's topic is nice and quick. We're going to be discussing, you guessed it, how much water is in a radiator! This is super exciting stuff that requires your utmost attention, so be sure to stay tun..
November 20, 2021
And we're back with another talk on radiators - everyone's favourite topic, it would seem. And you can't tell me I'm wrong, otherwise, why are you here? Okay, enough with the gentle taunting of my re..
November 20, 2021
Now we've talked about radiators here. In that time, I've taught you how to pinpoint bad noises, fix radiators that won't heat, and shown you how to bleed a radiator. That is, I've taught how to bleed..
November 20, 2021
Today's topic is, while frustrating, actually relatively easy to fix (depending on the issue). If you have a leaking radiator bleed valve, you'll want to keep reading. You likely went to bleed your ra..
November 20, 2021
If your radiator won't turn off, there are a few things that could be causing the issue. Trust me - we don't want to get this fixed as bad as you do, but only barely. I know from personal experience h..
November 20, 2021