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Hot tubs in general are complicated machines due to a large number of moving parts. While what they do for you is great, when they stop working there can be a painful troubleshooting process. If your ..
August 17, 2021
As anyone who’s ever rented an apartment knows, carpet cleaners are a life (and deposit) saver. But when they stop working, things can get frustrating. Sure, you could go rent one, but you bought it t..
August 17, 2021
When they function properly, soup makers are an absolute godsend. Not only do they cut out a great deal of work on your end, but they make a pretty darn good soup! In theory, they're a "fire and forge..
August 17, 2021
Windows are a pain to clean, that's common knowledge. While they're not difficult to clean so to speak, it's easy to be overcome by every tiny smudge and get caught up with cleaning. Before you know ..
August 17, 2021
Smart homes are the future, and with that future comes wireless smart thermostats for your home. Unfortunately, it would appear that the future still comes with technical issues. If you're having SALU..
August 17, 2021
If your LazySpa isn’t heating up, first of all - I’m sorry. Those things are godsends for those of us in cold climates with a bad back. But the good news is that it’s likely a problem that can be fixe..
August 14, 2021
Is your tumble dryer leaving your clothes damp and not drying the laundry well? To help you diagnose the issue, we’ve compiled a list of possible reasons your tumble dryer might not be drying clothes ..
August 10, 2021
A tumble dryer failing to heat up is a major problem! But before calling a repairman, read through this post to figure out what could be wrong. The trouble might be a simple fix. Why pay the repairman..
July 22, 2021
The electric shower works by the same concept as any other appliance that gets hot during usage...
April 1, 2021
Crushed by those post-ironing creases? We explain why clothes remain wrinkled after ironing and how to avoid two major causes...
March 5, 2021