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A fireplace can give your home a warm, inviting feeling that is just not possible with other types of space heaters. Electric fireplaces are an eye-catching, clean alternative to the traditional firep..
April 30, 2017
Oil filled radiators are an economical and energy-efficient option for heating small spaces in your home. This may be smarter to use than heating that warms the entire home, including the unused areas..
April 26, 2017
Ceiling fans are a ubiquitous part of most homes. These basic installations can provide significant heat-relief, and in some climates might be adequate without the additional requirement of a home air..
February 5, 2017
Oil-filled heaters, also known as an oil filled radiator, exist as a popular option for warming indoor spaces. Basically, they work by heating the oil within (electricity activates an implanted heatin..
January 31, 2017